Autumn's Back -- with Buttons On!

In addition to being the Executive Director for Davis Media Access,  Autumn Labbe-Renault is also a wonderful artist. Today Lois gets the scoop on how Autumn's experiences with art have changed over the years (from stamping ATCs, to mixed media, back to buttons, and on to complex jewelry), how making art helped her during some rough times, and what her visions of the future are. 

After a few years of donating her jewelry to various auctions, Autumn entered a new phase in her life in September 2016 when she opened an Etsy store to sell her unique jewelry and other items.  As always, it is fascinating to hear the details of how people do their work -- in this case, what it took to start up and run an online retail store. 

But if you know Lois and Autumn, you'll understand they can never stick to one topic, so today we also hear some side chat about KDRT, DMA, and other things.  Including How to Donate to keep this radio station going strong. (How, you ask?  Easy!  Just go to and click on "Support" -- or drop off a check to DMA, 1623 Fifth St, Davis CA 95618.)

As usual a comfortable, interesting conversation between friends.  Listen in!

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