Analyst sizes up the regional jobs market on Davisville

The regional job market is looking better, says employment market analyst Rick Reed on this edition of Davisville. Reed has surveyed area employers several times a year since 1992 for what is now a quarterly employment forecast, the Pacific Staffing Employment Trends Survey. Among other questions, he asks his contacts if they’re hiring, as well as why or why not. In our talk, Reed discussed trends, what he thinks employers want to see before they accelerate hiring, fields with the best job prospects, how agriculture helps the area job market, and more. Davis’ unemployment rate of 7.6 percent for May falls in the middle of regional cities, as measured by the state Employment Development Department. Davis’ rate is better than

Sacramento’s, somewhat better than Elk Grove’s, about the same as Rocklin’s, and lags the rates in Folsom and Fair Oaks. PROGRAM NOTE: I interviewed Rick before the financial shocks -- caused by the tumbling stock market, U.S. debt downgrade, and jitters about European debt -- hit in the first part of August. So listen with that in mind.

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