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Dr. Strangely Strange (a.k.a. Ron Cotterel) has been spinning discs and listening to music of all sorts while cavorting wildly about the room since age four.  By eight years of age he was playing air guitar to well-worn Beatlessingles, and while still in grade school he made the first of many life-long attempts at playing a real guitar. His very first date was taken to the movie “Woodstock”, during which Jimi Hendrix received far more attention than the poor teenage girl sitting next to him. Considering himself a “late blooming flower child” raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, he was too young to make the scenes at the Avalon Ballroom or the Fillmore, but old enough to rock out to the “Easy Rider” soundtrack. He made it through puberty in time to get into plenty of trouble while living in England during the early 70’s, where his mind was first blown by experiencing live performances by early progressive rock bands such as Hawkwind, Genesis, King Crimson, Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come and Pink Floyd. His first DJ gig was in the eighties while a graduate student in the state of Washington. There, at station WZUU, he attempted to blend progressive rock with the so called “new wave” music popular at the time. There then followed a twenty year hiatus in his radio programming career, allowing for the minor distractions of medical school, residency, and establishing a medical practice. The Doc’s current day job is as a physician in Davis, where, true to his eclectic (and eccentric) style, he blends Family Medicine and Alternative Medicine. 


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