Dug Deep

Dug Deep is an avid gardener and musicophile from the east side. He is adept at blending and bending rules and mediums, electronic and cellular. Watching things grow is his life's greatest pleasure. You can often find him peering up at Davis owl boxes, hoping for a glimpse of a plumicorn.


Dug Deep and the Electric Compost HeapDug Deep hosts a dig through many sound forms--the obscure detritus of blues, soul, country, rock, reggae, jazz, funk, punk, psych, and more--mixing a rich and fertile musical humus.

A weekly rotating crew of merry pranksters gives you extended gut-busting awesomeness with in-depth examinations of entire albums.  Remember those artisitic statements?  No, not singles or one track, but groups of songs that capture a period of time in a musician's or band's life.   

LIVE IN THE LOAM is our pop-up show featuring touring and local artists who are playing in and around Davis. It's a "pop-up" as it doesn't have a fixed position in our on-air schedule; Live in the Loam airs based on the artists' availability.

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