Dr. Paul's music for a winter's solstice

yolo archiveImages of an eclipse say volumes about change and how it can positively affect us. As we experience the year's shortest days, it is useful to employ the forced inactivity to examine our lives and find ways to become better people. As the days start to lengthen, new hope is born, and, phoenix-like, we rise from the dark season and enter into the light of a new me, you, us, world, universe, etc. Dr. Paul has selected music for today's show that helps him to enter a mental state unique to this time of year to contemplate what path to take, as he emerges from the darkness of the solstice. He hopes you find the music useful as well as beautiful. Photo courtesy of Tuanna2010

Immortal Beethoven!

yolo archiveyolo archiveToday's show features Beethoven's works that, to Dr. Paul's ears, are some of the most beautiful, lyrical, and moving pieces he wrote. There are works for piano solo, violin/piano duets, a violin concerto, and even a triple concerto for violin, cello, and piano! Check out the playlist (http://kdrt.org/node/10923), if you want to preview before listening; but, by all means, please listen.

Beethoven and bugs!

yolo archiveyolo archiveWhat, you might ask, do Beethoven and bugs have in common? Listen to today's show to get the sometimes surprising answer. Yes, today's program is evenly divided ... The first hour reflects Beethoven's stormier, more dramatic music, including the Fifth Symphony, the Fifth Piano Concerto, and "Ode to Joy," the conclusion to his Ninth Symphony. The second hour features Emmet Brady, KDRT's own cultural entomologist and host of Insect News Network, http://kdrt.org/node/9234. Emmet knows about insects, classical music, and the place where the two intersect. He has selected 12 pieces composed by well-known classical music masters such as Bela Bartok and Mussorgsky. Dr. Paul and Emmet talk about their mutual love for the six-legged creatures of this planet and the music inspired by them. (Butterfly photo courtesy of Richard Bartz, Munich, aka Makro Freak.)

A noble Harp Concerto to savor!

yolo archiveThe first hour of today's show includes a harp concerto by royalty. Yes, the composer, Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf, was ennobled by the Austrian Emperor in the 18th century in recognition of the beautiful music he composed. Also in the first hour are samplings of music composed by Aaron Copland, Johann Hummel, and Heitor Villa Lobos. The first hour starts with a prologue and aria by Donizetti from his opera, "The Elixir of Love."
The second hour starts with a rousing overture by Herold, and includes music by Chopin, a guitar concerto by Carulli, a sonata for violin and piano by Mozart, and another aria by Donizetti. Check out the playlist at http://kdrt.org/node/10825, or better yet, download or play and listen to the entire show. Your ears will be forever grateful.

The legend of bel canto

yolo archiveLuciano Pavarotti, may God rest his merry soul, is featured prominently in today's show. For your enjoyment, Dr. Paul has selected four lovely Italian folk songs and a Mozart aria song by this legendary, unforgettable tenor, shown here at a performance in Russia in 2004.
Also featured are playful sonatas by Scarlatti, and lovely music by composers working in the bel canto (beautiful song) era of the 19th century, including Chopin, Paganini, and Crusell. Check out the playlist to whet your appetite: http://kdrt.org/node/10611
Photo courtesy of www.kremlin.ru


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