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Davisville, 10/14/13: School tech, aides and counselors, plus Acme’s Halloween treat

Davis schools and Acme's DraculaToday’s show has two segments with seasonal connections. The first is a talk with Maria Clayton of the Davis Schools Foundation about the goals of its latest fund-raising campaign on behalf of Davis public schools; then we talk with Betsy Raymond of Acme Theatre Company, and Raphi Gorga, who plays the title role—and nails the accent—in Acme’s fall production, Dracula.

Davisville, 9/30/13: Muslims fighting Muslim fundamentalism

“Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here,” a new book by UC Davis international law Professor Karima Bennoune, has stories about people in Muslim-majority societies who resist Muslim extremism; she discusses what the United States should do, why fundamentalism has spread, how the left and the right get the issue wrong, and more, today on “Davisville.”

Davisville, 9/16/13: Two new tales of creative achievement

Today’s Davisville presents two new interviews with entrepreneurs in Davis: Theo Mak, far right, co-creator and executive editor of The-O Network, which posts news and information about movies, art and music from Japan; and artist/illustrator Jed Alexander (Nickleodeon, Cricket), whose “(Mostly) Wordless” picture book will be printed in 2014 thanks to his successful Kickstarter campaign. 

Davisville, 9/2/13: The irritating, compelling Davis plastic bag law

The Davis proposed plastic bag ban—truthfully, more of a curtailment—is an odd mix of the irritating and the compelling. Whichever resolution you prefer, the tug of bags could resolve this fall, if only because City Council members must be growing tired of indefinitely extending a debate about the proper makeup of shopping bags. On today’s Davisville we talk with Davis Enterprise reporter Tom Sakash, who has written about the proposed law. We get a rundown on the current proposal, and where Davis stands as the council takes up the issue one more time.

Davisville, 8/19/13: The entrepreneurial side of Davis with Rob White, part 2

Today's Davisville is part 2 of a discussion with Rob White, hired in March as Davis' first chief innovation officer. Topics include this spring’s surprise proposal to put a business park near I-80 and Mace; local economic trends; what Davis offers and lacks; and how others see us. Find Part 1 at http://www.kdrt.org/node/12701.

Davisville, 8/5/13: The entrepreneurial side of Davis with Rob White, part 1

For today's program and next we talk with Rob White, hired in March as Davis' first chief innovation officer. Topics in part 1 include the reason for his job, how he works, the techDavis group that initially paid half his salary, and entrepreneurs at work in Davis. Part 2, which debuts Aug. 19, addresses this spring’s surprise proposal to put a business park near I-80 and Mace; and looks at local economic trends, what Davis offers and lacks, and how others see us. Big ideas involving Davis are in play, and we discuss one of them: a possible test track for ultra-light-rail transit technology near UC Davis.

Davisville, 7/22/13: Summer theater in Davis

Summer is an active season for live theater in Davis--Acme, Barnyard, Common House, Davis Musical Theatre Co., the Davis Shakespeare Ensemble, and others all have shows this summer (this image comes from Common House’s summer poster). Live theater in Davis is expanding in terms of quantity and ambition; on today’s show, Bev Sykes and Jeff Hudson, who review live productions for the Davis Enterprise, size it all up--quality, favorite moments, what they'd like to see more of, trends, and more. 

Davisville, 7/8/13: Repeat of an interview with an ex-Alcatraz convict

This interview with Robert Luke from early 2012 is one of the most popular episodes of "Davisville," thanks partly to a link on Wikipedia. If you missed it first time around, here's a chance to listen in.

Davisville, 6/24/13: Picnic Day offenses among first settled by new Neighborhood Court

The Neighborhood Court, a new approach to resolving low-level crimes like vandalism or trespassing in Davis and on the UC Davis campus, focuses on “restorative justice.” It resolved its first 16 cases—including some alcohol offenses from Picnic Day—in early June. On today’s Davisville we talk with Christopher Bulkeley (pictured), a deputy Yolo County district attorney, about how the program works, why the county adopted it, how it differs from usual court proceedings, the initial results from the pilot phase, and where the program is headed next. 

Davisville, 6/10/13: Growing up in Davis, 4 years later

In June 2009, as they graduated from Davis High School, Lauren De Terra (left) and Megan Buchanan discussed growing up in Davis on Davisville. Four years later, after living in Sacramento and San Francisco respectively, and with college done or nearly done, the longtime friends discuss how they view Davis now.


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