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Davisville, 7/8/13: Repeat of an interview with an ex-Alcatraz convict

This interview with Robert Luke from early 2012 is one of the most popular episodes of "Davisville," thanks partly to a link on Wikipedia. If you missed it first time around, here's a chance to listen in.

Davisville, 6/24/13: Picnic Day offenses among first settled by new Neighborhood Court

The Neighborhood Court, a new approach to resolving low-level crimes like vandalism or trespassing in Davis and on the UC Davis campus, focuses on “restorative justice.” It resolved its first 16 cases—including some alcohol offenses from Picnic Day—in early June. On today’s Davisville we talk with Christopher Bulkeley (pictured), a deputy Yolo County district attorney, about how the program works, why the county adopted it, how it differs from usual court proceedings, the initial results from the pilot phase, and where the program is headed next. 

Davisville, 6/10/13: Growing up in Davis, 4 years later

In June 2009, as they graduated from Davis High School, Lauren De Terra (left) and Megan Buchanan discussed growing up in Davis on Davisville. Four years later, after living in Sacramento and San Francisco respectively, and with college done or nearly done, the longtime friends discuss how they view Davis now.

Davisville, 5/27/13: Cathy Speck talks about dying as living

Cathy Speck is a native daughter of Davis, a musician, an athlete, a longtime employee of the Davis Food Co-op--and she is dying of ALS. She writes a blog, “Cathy Speck’s Dying as Living.” We talk about her experience today, on Davisville.

Davisville, 5/13/13: Ragdolls are sweethearts, Manx are quiet

“Your Ideal Cat” is a human-feline matchmaker guidebook, filled with information about different breeds to help people who want a cat (including tabbies like these two) to find the right one. You require affection? The laid-back Ragdoll is deeply friendly. For a more tiger-like feline, consider the Bengal, although it might turn your furniture into an urban forest. Drs. Benjamin and Lynette Hart, professors of veterinary medicine at UC Davis, wrote “Your Ideal Cat.” On today’s show we discuss the book, breeds, purring as exercise (to the cat, it is), and whether Davis is more of a cat town, or a dog town.

Davisville, 4/29/13: Pinball returns, if only for a weekend

Pinball’s pop-culture glory era has yielded to computer games and the likes of Angry Birds, but the silver ball still has fans. One of the biggest has to be Steve Faith of Davis, an educational technology instructor who is helping to organize the 2013 Pin-a-Go-Go show May 17-19 at the May Fairgrounds in Dixon. It will have more than 100 machines ready for play. On today’s Davisville we talk about the appeal of the noisy, ringing, electromechanical games. Few remain in Davis, but Faith tells us where to find them.

Davisville, 4/15/13: An update on homelessness and Grace in Action

Today’s Davisville interviews Mary Lou Rossetto, the new director of Grace in Action, a Christian, Davis-based service for the homeless that began in 1999. We talk about the organization and its activities, plus the number of local homeless, what they need, what Davis could do for them, what they could do for themselves, the limits of mental health laws, and more. Rossetto, formerly an elementary school teacher, has lived in Davis since 1976.

Davisville, 4/1/13: 'Before I graduate, I want to ...'

How would you finish that sentence? UC Davis student Henry Lam wants to know—specifically, he invites you to write your answer on a chalkboard wall outside the Memorial Union April 3 or 4. It’s all part of a larger strategy. We discuss the project on today’s Davisville, as well as a half-dozen other campus projects he is part of, including the UC Davis Film Festival, the UC Davis Vietnamese Student organization, and last year’s Davis in a Day movie. Find updates on the event at http://ucdbeforeigrad.tumblr.com

Davisville, 3/18/13: Asteroids, climate change, and Davis with Tom Cahill

 In his latest book, retired UC Davis physics/atmospheric science professor Tom Cahill imagines an asteroid slamming into the Earth. He has it strike far from Davis, but the distance doesn’t matter—Davis is wiped out (by a huge flood) anyway, as is most of the world in an ensuing ice age. This sets the stage for a tale about climate change, and how survivors adapt.

Today we discuss “Ark: Asteroid Impact,” plus some of Cahill’s other interesting work studying the threat of airborne particles from the 9/11 annihilation of the World Trade Center—he’s a national expert on the subject—and from railroads and freeways. Turns out that Davis, bisected by Interstate 80 and a Union Pacific railroad mainline, is lucky to be located where the routes are largely straight and flat.
Davisville, 3/4/13: Live music in Davis

This show discusses live music in Davis, including the possibility of adding a permanent venue downtown, with Kyle Monhollen of the Davis Live Music Collective. 


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