Dinner Bell Roundup

Join DJ Cliff and friends for Dinner Bell Roundup’s tasty plateful of swinging country, western, and Americana music. Come and get it!

Live Saturday 4-6pm
Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.
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I'm intrigued with May McCoy. I love her voice and giddy -up attitude! My co worker says she has heard he sing, and is quite a looker.(that's beautiful to you shut-ins) Anyways, just thought it would be nice to meet her in person. Only one problem though, my wife might get upset! Thanks guys great show! Elston.

Awesome having your show right after mine, you guys rock. See you friday hopefully.


Thanks for the super show. I'm a new fan of old country music. Tyler and May to a great job keeping it flowing, and would like to have a bio on both of them. Jeff,Texas.

Yes, good times.

Love it! Go guys

This is one of my happiest hours, being able to listen to some sweet old country music. Great job and thank you.

Just getting started listening to ol'e Country Western music and enjoy Tyler and McCoy, or Mae and Tyler, Tyler has a great voice and Meghan has a certain sweetness about her. They complimate each other wonderfully and keep the ball rolling. Can you but up bio's on each. Thanks for making the Dinner Bell Roundout a treat for me each Wed. Chad

Love the show, and love Mae McCoy.She has a great wit, and keeps the ball rolling with the great country songs. I would like however, less songs and more talking from Mae, who by the way has a great band. Neon Stars. I live in Lincoln, and attend every show I can. Keep up the good work Mae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I enjoy the Dinner Bell Roundup. Is this the same Mae McCoy who sings in Sacramento. If so, she and her group are awesome, and I love her slot on the show. She has carisma, and keeps me entetained with her wit. Thanks.

Yep, is the same gal, Mae McCoy and the Neon Stars. There really a great addition to the country western scene in Sacto, and I agree she's nice to hear on the show. Any way she can play her toones? Appreciate it. Wayne.

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