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Divine Intervention strikes the KDRT airwaves—a musical ministry—live every Monday evening with an unholy assortment of ambrosial audio to indoctrinate your ears. Tune in for much new music in the spirit of alt/rock/pop/indie/punk, with some roots and randomness to round out the service. For the truly devout, don't miss Vinyl Vespers—a weekly feature to worship a "best of the worst" cut from the deep-discount record bins. Show hostesse @JessGoddesse is available for comments and convo via Twitter. :-J

Replays Wednesday 1-3pm
Live Monday 7-9pm
Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

Divine Intervention for 7:00pm on Apr 29th, 2019

Divine Intervention strikes this week with a bounty of beautiful new tunes from musicians young and old, including some folks with strong local connections... John Vanderslice, Anton Barbeau, Field Medic, Robyn Hitchcock… and, of course, we worship together for a challenging Vinyl Vespers. Tune in next Monday, 7p PT, for the next live edition of Divine Intervention... only on KDRT.

Divine Intervention for 7:00pm on Apr 22nd, 2019

Divine Intervention strikes this week with some sweet rock, pop, and soul, including new releases from Ancient Babies, Lee Fields, Drugdealer + Weyes Blood, Guided by Voices, Durand Jones, Anna Tivel, and Jack Waterson... and, of course, Vinyl Vespers... Tune in next Monday at 7p PT for the next edition of Divine Intervention, only on KDRT.

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