playlist for 05/09/2013

Thu, 05/09/2013
Artist Title Album Label Link
Buddy Holly Not Fade Away
Grateful Dead Mississippi 1/2 Step Uptown Toodle-oo Live 6/9/77
Peggy-O Live 6/7/77
Lazy Lightning Live 6/8/77
Loser Live 6/9/77
The Music Never Stopped
Terrapin Station Live 6/7/77
Morning Dew
Around & Around
Uncle John's Band
U.S. Blues

For this broadcast of The Golden Road, we stop in at San Francisco's fabled Winterland Arena to hear some excellent selections from the June '77 run by the Grateful Dead.  Fresh from the studio after creating the fine sounds on their recent album, "Terrapin Station", they were ready to treat the home crowd to a 3 night journey to let the locals know what the band had been up to lately (namely a scorching tour of the East Coast!).  

Turn it on up and take your own trip in the Wayback Machine to good ol' Winterland!