Free Screening of Rollicking New Sex Comedy from Creators of COLMA: THE MUSICAL,

UC Davis Asian Am Film Festival Focus on IDENTITY: Look Beyond the Surface

DAVIS, MAY 2012 – GREENROCKSOLID,INC proudly announces a FREE screening of YES, WE’RE OPEN, the fourth feature film collaboration between director Richard Wong and writer H.P. Mendoza (COLMA: THE MUSICAL). Motivated by the script’s refreshing take on relationships in the City by the Bay, the project came together after less than a month of pre-production and features established and emerging talent on both sides of the camera. A collaborative effort in true independent spirit, the film was made possible through the support and generosity of family, friends, and local patrons, as well as a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised post-production funding.

Filmed on a microbudget in the San Francisco Bay Area, YES, WE’RE OPEN follows Luke (Parry Shen) and Sylvia (Lynn Chen), who think of themselves as a modern couple – always in the know and open to new experiences. Enter Elena (Sheetal Sheth) and Ronald (Kerry McCrohan) – a provocative polyamorous couple that challenge Luke and Sylvia’s status in their circle of friends and with each other. With temptation right around the corner, Luke and Sylvia must figure out where they really stand on love, sex, and honesty. YES, WE'RE OPENtakes an intimate look at the unconventional world of San Francisco relationships, where promiscuity and fidelity aren’t always mutually exclusive.

The film boasts fresh new performances from indie darlings Lynn Chen (SAVING FACE), Parry Shen (BETTER LUCK TOMORROW), and Sheetal Sheth (LOOKING FOR COMEDY IN THE MUSLIM WORLD). Previously paired in Dave Boyle’s SURROGATE VALENTINE (SXSW '11), Chen and Shen shine as a relatable onscreen couple in a long-term relationship that’s begun to fizzle. Similarly, the smoldering Sheth oozes sex appeal as part of an attractive couple that offers a seductive alternative to monogamy. From intimate dinner conversations to ensuing sexual encounters, YES, WE’RE OPEN gives these seasoned and versatile actors a fun opportunity to strut their stuff through multidimensional characters and compromising new positions.

The film also features newcomers charming Kerry McCrohan, who plays Sheth’s on-screen beau with the swagger of a young Bruce Willis, and comical Tasi Alabastro, who makes his feature film debut after cutting his teeth on stage and in short films as part of the flourishing Silicon Valley arts scene. Frequent Wong collaborators -and filmmakers in their own right- round out the cast nicely with against-type turns from Dave Boyle (SURROGATE VALENTINE), H.P. Mendoza (FRUIT FLY: THE MUSICAL), and Theresa Navarro (OPTION 3). The film also features fresh Bay Area talent, including the associate producer debut of UC Davis alumna Lanlian Szeto.

The film world premiered as the Centerpiece Presentation of the 30th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (SFIAAFF) in March at the historic Castro Theatre. YES, WE’RE OPEN was touted as a “strong, smartly written film… [with] the right amount of humor and heart against the dreamy backdrop of San Francisco (SFIAAFF ‘12). The film will play FREE of charge at 7PM on Tuesday, May 8, as part of the UC Davis Asian American Association Film Festival. Following the special on-campus screening, YES, WE'RE OPEN will have its Southern California debut as the Saturday Evening Gala of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival – a slot reserved for a late night crowd-pleaser - then at the Art Theatre of Long Beach on Saturday, May 19, 2012; distribution plans will be announced in this summer.

YES, WE’RE OPEN was directed by Richard Wong, written by H.P. Mendoza, and produced by Theresa Navarro and Richard Wong. The film premieres the work of first time Oakland-based cinematographer Seng Chen and features the skills of international Production and Costume Designer Wing Shan “Irene” Chan. YES, WE’RE OPEN was scored by Digital Crafts Night, including the catchy theme song, "All of Our Friends," written by H.P. Mendoza and performed by film stars Lynn Chen and Parry Shen.