Electric Compost Heap playlist for 04/18/2012

Wed, 04/18/2012

Spring Salutations to all the Composters! This week's show was, well, stranger than some, and not quite as strange as others...we touched base with Howlin' Rain, Patti Smith, Kroke (means Krakow in Polish-their hometown), Polkacide and Levon Helm. Levon, we learned today, is nearing the end of a long journey and a long battle with cancer, so we dedicate this show to him. Coming up in Arkansas as the son of cotton farmer, we figure Levon knows all about compost heaps, electric and otherwise. Thanks for all the great music, man, it sure has been a joy. Here's a clip of Levon from his last recording a couple of years back - enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEf-YAaBalE


Artist Title Album Label Link
The Human Expression Optical Sound
Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama Wicked Man
Paul Gayten Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Howlin' Rain In Sand and Dirt
Johnnie Allen Promised Land
Moraes Morerira Festo Do Interior
Dakota Staton It's the Talk of the Town
George Jones Rock It
Rockpile Oh What A Thrill
Tarwater All of the Ants Left Paris
Patti Smith Dancing Barefoot
Kroke Moondowner
Hamza El Din Besse Barama
Polkacide Baruska
Ass Ponies Baby In a Jar
Roots Radics Band The Son of Darth Vadar
Levon Helm and the RCO Allstars A Mood I Was In
Ornette Coleman Eventually
Beastie Boys Sabrosa
Ben Vaughn Daddy's Gone For Good
Fred Neil Blues On the Ceiling
The Heads Couldn't Be, Doesn't Matter
Pee Wee Crayton The Darkest Hour
Mariza Oica La O Senhor Vinho
Ismael Lo Taar Doucey
Supersuckers Hell City, Hell

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