Artist Title Album Label Link
Smetana/ Prague National Theatre Orchestra, Zdanek Chalabala, cond. Overture to The Bartered Bride Bedrich Smetana, The Bartered Bride Supraphon
Mussorgsky/ Eugene Ormandy, cond. The Philadelphia Orchestra Pictures at an Exhibition Pictures at an Exhibition Columbia
F.J. Haydn/ Schaffer, lute, Nagora, violin, Blees, 'cello Trio for lute, violin, and 'cello Music for Lute and Strings Turnabout, Vox
F.J. Haydn/ J. du Pre, 'cello/ D. Barenboim, cond., English Chamber Orchestra 'Cello Concerto, #1, C Major Haydn, Boccherini, 'Cello Concertos EMI Classics
Smetana/ Prague National Theatre Orchestra and Chorus, Zdanek Chalabala, cond. Conclusion to Act 1, The Bartered Bride The Bartered Bride Supraphon
J. S. Bach, A. Vivaldi/ Neumeyer, Berger, Burr, Urbuteit, harpsichords, K. Ristenpart, cond., The Saare Chamber Orchestra Concerto in A Minor for Four Harsichords Four Concertos for Harsichord Nonesuch
Romero/ Pepe, Celedonio, Celin, Angel Romero, guitars Noche en Malaga The Royal Family of the Spanish Guitar Mercury
Granados/ Pep, Celedonio Romero, guitars Spanish Dance #6 The Royal Family if the Spanish Guitar Mercury

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