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Lee --

you have taught me more about music appreciation than anyone else in my life.  KDRT is lucky to have you on the air.


Andrea Jones

Lee, This is Keenan, I listened to your Tuesday show  ( March 25th). You started out with Jimmy Ruffin and I was hooked the whole show.  Great show Lee!  Let me know if you ever have a Chicago area blues theme show.

Lee, Keep up the good work, your show is delightful! The variety is what I so appreciate.  It sure takes me back to some good ole days sometimes. Thank You, a friend from Springfield, Missouri

How inspiring to hear the great Johnny Cash singing songs of American history on Independence Day.  It reminds one of what the nation is all about: the devotion to God and country, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the great men who made history and the common men who lived it. A great Fourth of July celebration and one that could only be brought to you by Lee Renault and KDRT!  Thanks a million.

thanks for playing a great album...wonderful to hear it on krdt...i'm in nj streaming the sound and its do a super job, Lee...

kisses & hugs to you,
kathy (patrick's mom - barbara's cousin

Thanks for playing Patrick's wonderful cd. I've heard him sing live at the Dresden Room in Los Angeles - he's a fantastic entertainer! What a treat to hear him on the air.

Your show last week on Glenn Miller was really a gem. It was a rare opportunity to hear recordings from the "first" Miller band...a band that proved to be an absolute failure and lasted only a short while. The tracks you played showed none of the energy (for lack of a better word) which Miller's later band, the famous one, had in abundance. What made the difference? I'm not sure, but I like to think Miller learned a lot from his early failure. His first band seemed to lack a distinct musical "personality". It certainly did not have the crisp, clear arrangements that characterized his later recordings. Nor did it have the soaring, lilting reed section that later set The Glenn Miller Orchestra apart from all other swing bands of the era. Of course, another major difference was the personnel. Miller's first band did not have members to compare with Marion Hutton, Tex Beneke, Ray Eberle or arrangers like Jerry Gray and Bill Finnigan (among others).Ultimately, I suppose, it was the evolution of Glenn Miller himself that made all the difference. He began rather timidly with that first band, but grew into a superb leader with an almost unerring sense of music and musicians. This was particularly evident in the last four tracks which, although they were not original Miller recordings (but were Miller arrangements ), clearly demonstrated the later, fully developed " Miller style".
Thanks for the chance to hear these recordings. Keep up the good work.
Robin Cady Hillsboro, Oregon

I try to tune in to the Ecletic Dinosaur program whenever I am driving within KDRT range. I have enjoyed so many of Lee's programs, the variety of his collection is amazing. This last week I listened to his program on Glen Miller. I found the evolutionary nature of his organized presentation outstanding. You could hear hints of the Great Miller sound as it slowly evolved from one year to the next of course leading up to that great Miller swing band sound that is so distinct. Lee has done this on numerous times with other artists. KDRT offers us something we could never get on any other station - some well put together personal down home programing. Lee Renault does an outstanding job. Keep up the great programing.

Richard and Rachel Livingston
26420 County Road 97
Davis 95616

Hi, I'm listening on Monday morning, March 21st. Shortly after 8:00 there was a song about the San Patricios, can you give me informaiton about the song, artist, album, etc. Great show, can I get a copy of your playlist? Thanks.

Great show Lee, still looking for Mike Thomas Ed

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