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A lively show that delivers opinions, music, and comedy to its listeners.  Hosted by Ted and Jed, this show combines up-to-date topics with current sports highlights to bring you a fresh show where nothing is off limits. This open mic radio show thrives on the good natured fun that these two guys share as they bring their passions to the world.  The Recollection with Ted n Jed airs live every Friday from 11am-12pm.  


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No show??? My whole tuesday is ROO-EEN-D! Hopefully all is well with you fellas..did yall hear of this treyvon martin case? So sad

Your ol gal pal Monica

I apologize Monica...this is Ted replying to you. My lady and I had a baby appointment with our midwife today. Also next Tuesday josh and I will be working overtime and will unable to make the show :-( we dread missing our show any week, but promise to come back in 2 weeks with a bang!

You guys crack me up! Thanks for reading my comment and the last name is scottish pronounced moo-owl but I digress. As I mentioned before I have a new baby girl and Im getting pressure from both mine and my girlfriends family to get married but Im like its 2012 and our generation doesnt really feel the need to get married so my question to ted is are you planning on getting married why or why not and josh were you pressured into marriage and how did your family treat you for having out of wedlock children which I know isnt right due to growing up in a church loving family but hey it happens. I love my family very much but I say hey live and let live so what is your advice fellas sorry for the rambling but I dnt have much free time so Im trying to get it all out now so when I download the show. Have you guys opinion/advice

So i think i heard brian or ted say u guys dropped out of college i too am a young father just had a baby girl and had to drop out as well to support my kid i work random ass hours so i miss the live show but i want to know do you guys ever think you will get a degree? And how do u feel about when your kids are of age will you force them to go? What if they want to go serve the country just curious of your thoughts on the subject or will you give my moms patented because i said so nice if this was brought up on a show
From Theodore(Ted) Muol

I really enjoyed your discussion of Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops today. It would be nice if everyone could just enjoy each for what it brings to the table as you guys do. The regular media's constant trying to declare a "winner" doesn't help the industry and probably hurts each game's chances to expand their markets. Then again each has set sales records :). I also think that too much credence is given to the comments of gamers who like to declare that their preferred style of play is the best style. I guess it is because this genre emphasizes competitive play now, so whatever game makes it easier for a gamer to do well is going to be argued as the best way.

Anyway, keep up the great show. Always entertaining.

PS> To answer your question, Battlefield has been around longer than the Call of Duty series, but not by too much. It started with Battlefield 1942 on the PC.

Not sure if you fellas will be having a show like this past Tuesday but I have a great question...wy do men have a fear of going shopping for feminine items? And would either of you go shopping for your wives for such items if she was unable? I'll be listening

Monica z.

When I go shopping I take my time its not due to indecision or not knowing what I want its a break! Just time to myself being a stay at home mother is hard so that hour or two during the week is great. U guys may think we go shopping for a long time because we don't know what we want but maybe we want a break from boyfriend o husband haha every woman makes lists so we knw what we want so we can go in and out if we are in a time crunch

I totally understand and thank you for listening...i have two duaghters of my own which you may or may not know from listening but i def like to try and find time for myself. whether it be hitting the driving range with some friends or going to play pool with the def relaxes oneself...these were just our opinions and we thank you for the feedback and thank you for listening we really appreciate it....

My name is Monica and this is So true! Although I'm super competitive at sports which is why the 2nd half of the show is usually when I tune in

Thank you for what can we do to get you to listen to the first half of the show?


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