Dr. Paul's Classics


Selections from the classical repertoire with commentary about the pieces, their composers, and their historical context.



Loving your show right now

As always, your play list offers a fine respite from life's noise and challenges.

Happy Birthday, September guy!

Was listening to your September birthdays show and heard you mention yours is coming up this month. Which day?? Whichever, enjoy!


Man...this stuff is sad sounding!

Hey Paul,
This Eric Sate (not sure of spelling)..."haunting"...I'm practically crying! Well, music should be emotive, I guess. Craig

Craig, Haunting is a

Haunting is a good word to describe Satie's music.If you listened to my commentary, you'll remember that he was involved in mysticism and esoteric religious practices. And he was a recluse for the latter decades of his life. His music is haunting because he was probably haunted by devils of his own making.


Hi Paul,
Glad for Friday morning replay. The Hawaiian singer was awesome...nice spin on "classical" genre. I think you're show is great...though we tend toward chamber/concerto sounds...the symphonic and other sounds are great and good to learn about...thanks for sharing this gift. Craig


Thanks for the kind comment, Craig. Though my taste also tends more to the chamber/concerto side of things, I can't neglect one of the most widely recognized (and loved) aspects of classical music: the symphony. I appreciate the kind word about the Hawaiian song as well. As you can see, I interpret the word classical losely. The interpretation will become even looser, I'm sure, as time goes on.


Thanks for the lovely Haydn guitar music today...I've long been fond of the London Symphonies and hearing another piece has reminded me how long it's been since I pulled out some Haydn. Thanks, Craig


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