About Underwriting

Underwriting? What’s that?

We acknowledge business contributions to the radio station with brief on-air messages called "underwriting." Underwriting is to community radio what advertising is to commercial radio. The difference, however, is clear: commercial stations may air as much as 18 minutes of advertising time per hour. KDRT airs less than one minute of underwriting per hour.

KDRT listeners make a deliberate choice to tune in because our unique programming is local and fun. Our listeners appreciate businesses that support the kind of radio they like to listen to.

Why Should I Underwrite?

Underwriting is a gift to your community. Underwriting:

  • helps fund local programming that’s impossible to find elsewhere
  • shows that you support an important community resource
  • strengthens your image as a community partner
  • is effective and affordable
  • is appealing to intelligent listeners who think for themselves

You can feel good about supporting a non-profit whose mission is to enrich and strengthen our community! You also maximize your media dollars—it doesn’t get any better than that! What’s more, you get:

  • a listing in our thank-you box in each issue of our email newsletter
  • a listing and link on our website
  • the opportunity to provide Public Service Announcements for events in the community which your business supports.
I’m in—What Now?

KDRT’s underwriting coordinator will help you design a plan that meets your financial, marketing and philanthropic goals. We offer flexibility in the frequency and placement of your on-air announcements. Your underwriting plan can range from sponsorship of a particular program to a schedule that spans a variety of programs. Payment terms are flexible.

For more information on how to use KDRT as a marketing tool, contact our development director at 530.757.2419 or email dgkelly@omsoft.com