A Broad Perspective

Return of a popular show from a few years back. Judith Plank has existential conversations about the state of the world and the arts, relationships, humor and hodge-podge. Every other week they will interview an important person in Davis: the mayor, a teacher, a mom, a cab driver, a garbage collector, a teenager, etc.



To Didn't Even sign Their Name,

So love that you're listening in and feel compelled to comment on KDRTs radio content, but it would be great if you could find a way to express your opinion without being so harsh. We are all volunteer broadcasters who are folks in your community and we're doing something we love ... and we totally want to know how you feel about what we're doing, but perhaps you could be a bit more constructive .... of course that's just my opinion.

Nancy Bodily programmer for Mountain Mama's Earth Music

this is about the totally bizzare, self centered, worlds of two disturbed minds and what they find important in the world (as they see the world) a disposal show to be sure.....hopefully these two hippy, way out there broads will disappear into earth muffin history....

What's a matter, can't sign your name to this obnoxious commentary? Get a life, or get a job. You've got too much time on your hands.

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