Nexus Stage


Tune in to Nexus Stage for live performances from the best local bands and musicians in Davis.



July 13, 2013 Nexus Stage

Will the July 13, 2013 Nexus Stage performance with Custom Neon be streamed via the Internet?   I see the KDRT FM link for a live feed, but can't find a streaming link for DCTV.

Nexus Stage

Where can we view the Nexus Stage shows? Are they achived somewhere? Maybe the K-DRT listeners would like to view the show while they're listening too, nez pa'? Where can we watch it live on line too? If there's a link or two, share it with the world. The Nexus Stage a very good local rock, roll, country, blues, folk and everything else show that showcases local musicians and some just passing through too. Thanks for keeping Nexus Stage right & relevent for all of Davis' listeners and local musicians! (some just passing through) Now, where can we all watch it live or archived too? Por favor.

A Really Big Fan!!!

See you Saturday

Sacramento band "Enfuzion" will be on the show this Memorial Day weekend. Looking forward to it.

NEXUS STAGE on the Road at Woodland Opera House 10-3-09

Cliff Gamble here...

Nexus Stage will not be live on the radio on 10-03-09. We will be recording Adam Hancock's group, Family at the Woodland Opera House. We should be able to play that recording next week. Thanks to all for listening and for your continued support of local music and our local grass roots radio station.

Kaleidoscopic Puzzle 8-1-09

Hey Nexus Stage--
Hoping you can archive the 8-1-09 show by Kaleidoscopic Puzzle! Really enjoyed it.


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