Vee's Beats

Vee's Beats KDRT Davis California

DJ Vee brings you an eclectic selection of fresh beats—electronic, downtempo, bass, soul, and dub. 



Hey Vee! You're keeping me bright-eyed and energetic as I'm getting stuff done. You rock.

Thanks for pumpin' out some thoughtful tunz. -zander

hey baby gurl! it's so good to hear a female on the radio dropping sick original beats. i love you for that!

Dear Veronica!
Just discovered your show, amazing tunes! you select and drop them so wisely! thank you. Check out my project:
I have listed your show there. Hope you ll enjoy the site.
Keep on keeping it on.

Yummy beats, Vee! Goes well with these- this show

double yay yay! tasty, funky grooves tonite. keep it up! wow. just what i needed. thanks vee!


Love what you're playing now! Just got turned on to your show, thanks a million for the toonz!

Listened to your show for the first time monday evening, and loved it!

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