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False sense of sober security

complete opposite from last week's aggression, this show lures you into a heavy, false sense of security...in the name of love.

KDRT 95.7 davis, ca
live show wed. 7-8pm, re-broadcast sat. 8-9pm & mon. 7-8 pm
archived @ www.kdrt.org

where else will you hear daniel johnston followed by nina simone?

1. TOM WAITS- a good man is hard to find
2. FLAMING LIPS- do you realize?
3. BAND OF HORSES- part one
4. MODEST MOUSE- bankrupt on selling
5. BEACHWOOD SPARKS- by your side (SADE COVER!!!)
6. SPARKLEHORSE- more yellow birds
7. EDITH PIAF- la vie en rose
8. SHE & HIM- take it back
9. LHASA DE SELA- con toda palabra
10. BJORK- unravel
11. THE FIERY FURNACES- i'm waiting to know you
12. DANIEL JOHNSTON- it's over
13. NINA SIMONE- i want a little sugar in my bowl
14. DAVID BOWIE- sound & vision
15. THE WALKMEN- another on goes by
16. BONNIE "PRINCE" BILLY- i am goodbye

2/3/10 ON "THE WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS" w/ m.c.muldozer & special guests

live Wednesdays 7-8pm, re-broadcast Mondays 7-8 pm & Saturdays 8-9pm
archived at http://kdrt.org/station/archives/116

special guests (future Host!) Spicoli & Moriarty
playlist 2/3/10

1. JELLO BIAFRA W/ THE MELVINS- plethysmograph *(spicoli pick)
2. THE MONSTERS- love i never had *(spicoli)
3. GUIDED BY VOICES- large hearted boy
4. PARTS & LABOR- take us back
5. THE CRAMPS- naked girl falling down the stairs *(spicoli)
6. X- the world's a mess it's in my kiss
7. SINKS- no money
8. TH' LOSING STREAKS- leaving here **(moriarty pick)
9. IGGY & THE STOOGES- your pretty face is going to hell
10. THE KINKS- revenge **(moriarty)
11. FLIPPER- scentless apprentice (covered by Nirvana 1993)
12. THE INTELLIGENCE- secret signals
13. *(SPICOLI????)*
14. MOTORHEAD W/ WENDY-O-MATIK==stand by your man (yes, tammy wynette song!!!)
15. PTERODACTYL- good & evil
16. DEERHOOF- milkman
17. THE KINKS- i don't need you anymore **(moriarty)

down-tempo tunes on 9-9-9

Playlist for "The Wrong Side of the Tracks" 09/09/09
live Wednesdays 7-8pm on KDRT 95.7 fm
rebroadcast Mondays 7-8pm & Saturdays 8-9 pm

archived @ www.kdrt.org

1. SILVER JEWS -inside the golden days of missing you
2. JEFF TWEEDY- simple twist of fate (b.dylan)
3. SEA OF BEES- willis (sacto!)
4. STEPHEN MALKMUS- can't leave her behind (b.dylan)
5. LEONARD COHEN- the old revolution
6. OH FOOT- what is love (lyrics by haddaway) davis!
7. GARRETT PIERCE- the fireworks were fish exploding (davis!)
8. SAID THE SHARK- you'd never know

'wrong side' playlist for 3/18

some of these bands are in austin this weekend for the South By Southwest music fest.
check 'em out in yer town and/or on the internet: youtube/myspace.

1. THE FALL- mr. pharmacist
2. THE INTELLIGENCE- moon beeps (sxsw) portland
3. THEE OH SEES- ghost in the trees (sxsw?) s.f.
4. NOBUNNY- not that good (sxsw?) oakland
5. HANK IV- i'm quitting (sxsw) s.f.
6. THE JESUS LIZARD- mistletoe
7. PONYTAIL- all together now
8. MAYYORS- white jeep (sxsw) sacto
9. PONYTAIL- jammin' in a major scale
10. SCREAMING FEMALES- mothership
11. THE INTELLIGENCE- block of ice (sxsw) pdx

Some poetry, Some Love, Some Loss on 'The Wrong Side of the Tracks' 2/11

"Don't try to figure out what other people want to hear from you;
figure out what you have to say. It's the one & only thing you have
to offer."
-Barbara Kingsolver

1. SHE & HIM (M.WARD/ZOOEY DESCHANEL)- take it back
3. BOB DYLAN- million dollar bash
4. PATSY CLINE- that wonderful someone
5. CAT POWER- lost someone (james brown, bobby byrd, lloyd stallworth)
6. NICK CAVE + BAD SEEDS- hold on to yourself

on Wrong Side of the Tracks 1/28

Some technical difficulties prohibited me from playing all The Beatles tunes I wanted to, as well as some Calvin Johnson.

se la vie.


1. THE VASELINES- son of a gun
2. THE BEATLES- i've just seen a face
3. M.WARD- never had nobody like you
3. O'DEATH- lowtide
4. BEATBEAT WHISPER- mismanaged skies
5. THE BEATLES- looking through you
7. SHE & HIM- you really got a hold on me (smoky robinson)
8. HEARTLESS BASTARDS- the mountain
9. STEPHEN MALKMUS & LEE RENALDO- can't leave her behind
(b.dylan "i'm not there" soundtrack)
10. SUFJAN STEVENS- ring them bells
(b.dylan "i'm not there" soundtrack)
11. NICO- i'll keep it with mine
12. SYD BARRETT- late night
13. LEONARD COHEN- lady midnight
14. THE BLACK KEYS- wicked messenger
(b.dylan "i'm not there" soundtrack)
15. CALVIN JOHNSON- ambulance driver blues
(K records)
16. THE BARTLEBEES- wilst du mit mir gehen?
("will you go with me?"- K records)
17. OLD TIME RELIJUN- johnny appleseed
(K records)

Fighting thee doldrums on The Wrong Side of the Tracks, Wed 7-8 pm

Let me start off by saying I'm no optimist. Don't let anyone fool you. So far, 2009 has shown little love to the ol'muldozer...

I generally play & enjoy somber, moody music which has only anchored me further into the hole that is January.SO I've decided to 'spin' some more upbeat, rockin' tunes (EDGEY?) for the inaugural '09 Wrong Side of the Tracks . Here ya go:

1. THE FALL- mr. pharmacist

2. IGGY & THE STOOGES- your pretty face is going to hell

3. TH' LOSIN' STREAKS (sacramento)- he's waiting (the sonics)