Hasan Minhaj

Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

Hasan Minhaj, comedy extraordinaire, performed last weekend at the Mondavi Center. His stand-up show is called "Homecoming King" as it's the story of his high school experience which largely centers around prom. As he grows up and becomes successful in comedy, he learns to move on and let go of his past. His story is hysterical and also very topical. He talks about his family's history of immigration and how his background contrasted with the rest of Davis homogeniety. A couple years ago Hasan Minhaj gave the commencement speech at DHS graduation and Rocket plays this clip on the air. In the video he refers to typical Davis experiences like Math teachers at DHS and tryouts for the basketball team but all with a unique drama and flair. This show also includes some jokes and a review of Davis Idol. Music for this show includes "Airplanes" by BOB (shoutout to lawyers resisting the executive order in airports right now) and "Hometown" by Twenty-One Pilots (a parallel to Minhaj's experience returning to Davis).