Fundraising Spectacular with Jamie Moddelmog and Tree Kilpatrick

Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

Welcome to a special edition of Rocket Radio for KDRT's fundraising push this week. The station is aiming to raise enough to update our antenna system so we can BOOOOST OUUUUR SIIIIGNAAAAAL. Right now there are places in West Davis where signal gets kind of spotty. Hopefully we can rectify that so everyone in Davis can enjoy the sonorous tones of KDRT. Here to talk about the station and tell his life story is Jamie Moddelmog. Jamie talks about all sorts of walks of life from speech and debate (a tournament just happened at Santa Clara University) to cross country and track and field, to working for the Hub, to founding the Young Democrats' Club this year. They also discuss highly pertinent current events topics like what are his Thanksgiving plans? What can we do about this gosh darn turkey infestation (a highly insightful article is read)? They also talk about the upcoming Winter Ball at DHS. There's an in-depth discussion of Frozen 2: the pros and the cons. The duo then interviews a procession of lively characters from MC DJ Lil Doggy, to Alex the British Guy, to Marxist-Leninist the Marxist-Leninist, to Tiffany the fashionista, to Johnny Quarterback the quarterback. The show features intermittent announcements by Tree Kilpatrick, a guest DJ and host of Roots Shoots and Leaves. Music for this show includes Revolution Radio by Green Day and Love Is and Open Door from Frozen.