The Folk Brothers for Nov. 17, 2021: When country met the counterculture

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In April 1968, just a few days before the release of his iconic Live At Folsom Prison album, Johnny Cash appeared at the Carousel Ballroom -- precursor to The Fillmore -- at Market and Van Ness. At a time when the San Francisco counterculture was not yet very cool with country music, Cash faced an audience potentially much more hostile than those he had performed before at nearby maximum security prisons. High-quality audio recordings of the Carousel Ballroom show have now appeared under the auspices of the Owsley Stanley Foundation, and we share them today.

(Aside from his well-known laboratory work, Stanley was an ardent taper and sound engineer -- much like KDRT's own Jim Buchanan, but without the chemistry.)

Also on today's show: new music from The Spell Songs Project, George Jackson, Watchhouse, Seth Lakeman, Billy Bragg, Magpie Arc, and lots more Johnny Cash.