Cool Theatre Times

Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

Right after this show Rocket is going to DHS to usher for a junior high orchestra concert. The usher program at DHS sprang up last year and lots of teachers provide extra credit for ushering. Rocket talks about taking stagecraft at DHS too, it's a class in the Brunelle Hall where students learn different aspects of technical production and design. Right now they're learning about sound and how to navigate the theatre's sound system so Rocket and someone else are bringing guitars into class tomorrow and jamming out over the loudspeakers. Rocket talks about the UCD Asexual Community that came and presented to the DHS GSA and how that was a cool experience. Rocket's history class recently watched the movie Iron Jawed Angels so he reviews that too. Rocket also talks briefly about Black Boy by Richard Wright, a book they just finished in English. Music includes "Wait For It" by Usher (haha) from the new Hamilton Mixtape, "Buffalo Soldier" by Bob Marley (history reference), and "Bachanale" by Saint-Saens performed by the DHS Chamber Orchestra in 2014.